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State and Tribal Response Program Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Purpose of this program:

EPA's CERCLA Section 128(a) grant program funds activities that establish or enhance the capacity for State and tribal response programs, to capitalize revolving loan funds (RLFs) and support insurance mechanisms. The goals of this funding are to provide financial support for elements of an effective State or tribal response program as specified in CERCLA Section 128 and to ensure that States and tribes maintain a public record of sites included in their programs. Prior to the enactment of CERCLA 128, EPA provided Superfund Core funding under Section 104(d) of CERCLA for State and tribal voluntary cleanup programs and pre-remedial site assessment funding for State and tribal conducted Targeted Brownfields Assessments. Funding Priority: In FY 2003, funding will be prioritized as follows: (1) Funding for program development activities to establish the four elements of a State or tribal response program and to enable States and Indian tribes to comply with the public record requirement, including activities related to institutional controls. States with MOAs will not be prejudiced in funding distributions if their work plan does not include establishing the four elements; (2) funding for program development activities to enhance the cleanup capacity of a State or tribal response program; (3) funding for site-specific activities that enhance the cleanup capacity of a State or tribal response program, including targeted site assessments; (4) funding for environmental insurance mechanisms; and (5) funding to capitalize brownfields cleanup RLFs.